Becoming CAMS Accredited

In becoming CAMS Accredited you will have completed the following:

• Read the CAMS Book Managing Suicidal Risk, 3rd Edition, a Collaborative Approach by Dr. David Jobes
• Watched the online 3-hour CAMS Foundational Video provided by CAMS-care
• Have a certificate of attendance for the practical role-play training day
• Enclosed copies of your current license/verification/registration as a mental health professional recognised by NHS recruitment criteria
• Completed a minimum of two years’ experience post-qualification under criterion 3*
• Have a record of a minimum of 10 CAMS cases completed to any level, where at least 4 cases are for the full CAMS intervention (i.e. from initial assessment to final disposition session).
• Minimum of 10 hours of CAMS clinical case supervision calls (including at least 5 hours of 1:1 supervision) with a CAMS-care Consultant.
• The CAMS-care Consultant has directly witnessed your CAMS work either on audio/video or in vivo, facilitating completion of the CAMS Rating Scale (see Section 4).
• There is evidence of compliance with use of the Suicide Status Form (SSF), either paper or electronic versions, for all documentation (including initial assessment, tracking, final disposition and stabilisation planning) with strict adherence to the guidance for completing each form.
• Enclosed a reference of recommendation from your supervising CAMS-care Consultant regarding: your adherence to the CAMS framework; supervision calls; ethics in practice and professional character.
• Paid the accreditation fee £350 provides SSF Review and 30-minute call with you to provide feedback on your use of the CAMS Framework

Your CAMS-care UK accreditation certificate is for 5 years duration after which, to continue being CAMS-care UK accredited, your re-accreditation paperwork will need to be submitted.