Review our variety of CAMS-based suicide prevention training courses. Clinicians will be trained in the CAMS Framework® that includes conducting a CAMS Assessment® and creating a CAMS Treatment® plan.

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This training experience combines didactic presentations by Dr. Jobes as he introduces an unscripted clinical demonstration of the use of CAMS with a service user through the course of 12 sessions of the CAMS Framework.


Purchase and read Managing Suicidal Risk: A Collaborative Approach, 3rd Ed, the sourcebook for information about the theory, philosophy, and practice underlying the use of CAMS with suicidal service users. Books are only shipped within the UK. Contact us for an eBook option.


CAMS remote or in-person Practical Role-Play Training for groups is designed to enhance knowledge regarding the philosophy and theory of the CAMS Framework while providing an opportunity for practice in using the CAMS Framework.

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CAMS supervision calls are hour-long phone meetings for clinicians who have read the CAMS Book, viewed the CAMS Online Foundational Video Course and have attended a CAMS Practical Role-Play Training.

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This remote or on-site program provides an overview of data and theories regarding suicide rates, information about the field of suicidology and suicide prevention.

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Take a free test to evaluate your knowledge of the CAMS treatment system.


CAMS training will ensure clinicians can effectively treat suicide risk. However many additional corporate challenges and clinical pressures exist that are unique to every locality. These require a systematic approach to ensure there is a connectedness across diverse suicide prevention stakeholders and services. Explore how to embed CAMS within a multiagency framework to ensure maximum utility and impact of CAMS-trained clinicians using an approach tailored to your organisation.

CAMS Accredited is the second designation released by CAMS-care UK.

CAMS Accredited designates those who have gone beyond the CAMS TRAINED model to demonstrate knowledge and adherence to the CAMS Framework.